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Call for abstracts for paper presentation: Nov 1st, 2012 to

Call for PDW suggestions : Nov 1st, 2012

2013 Symposium/ Conference on Business Research Methodology

As editors and reviewers, we always consider a methodological fit between research questions and empirical evaluations as crucial. Many promising papers are rejected just because of a lack of methodological robustness. In addition, many authors claim that qualitative papers are much less likely to be accepted at high quality journals - often this is not because of qualitative methods per-se, but because of somewhat insufficient argumentation and execution.

Therefore this research symposium tries to improve the situation for authors from a wide variety of business research, from education, business history, entrepreneurship, tourism, organziational studies to strategy and finance. We are delving into workshops on various methods and inviting conference papers dealing with methodology, applying it in new ways in their respective disciplines.

The most important part will be the discussion, between authors, methodology-pros, reviewers and editors! Partner universities from Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and UK and leading experts in their fields will make this a true international conference for the advancement or our science.

There will be plenty of publishing opportunities from our partner journals from Routledge.

with paper presentation tracks for qualitative/ quantitative approaches in the various sub-fields of the authors and special PDWs (professional development workshops) held by leading authors with lots of practical experience:

  • multivariate statistics with R
  • case study methods
  • new mixed method designs
  • reviewing literature
  • supporting and supervising PhD theses

Venue: Cambridge, UK, Hughes Hall, Cambridge U.
Conference Fee: EUR 380,-

Registration now closed, program is full.

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Dr. Othmar M. Lehner Dr. Juha Kansikas
Editorial Team

Speakers and Conference Committee from:

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