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2nd International Spring School on
Social Entrepreneurship Research –
Austria, 23. 4. - 25. 4. 2012. Location: WU Wien, Vienna University of Business and Economics. ( Registration has now closed, Maximum of reached)

Thank you for a great week with selected 20 participants from USA, Russia, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Iran, India, Finland, Macedonia, Palestine and many more.
Next Spring School will be in April 2013 @ WU Wien

great for exchanging travel-ideas, last minute infos, photos …

“Exploring the frontiers of Social Entrepreneurship Research”

From a practical perspective, social entrepreneurship denominates a form of entrepreneurship, where social entrepreneurs create and deliver social value by employing market based strategies and approaches for client and income generation. However, social entrepreneurship (SE) as a term and a construct is applied in research literature for different phenomena in various contexts (Dey and Steyaert, 2010; Mair and Marti, 2006; Thompson and Doherty, 2006; Weerawardena and Mort, 2006). The spectrum ranges from non-profit organizations in Europe and the US, embracing commercial income strategies, to entrepreneurial ventures in rural India with a focus on small community development and even includes radical change approaches on a true global and societal scale. What can be seen is, that the inherent hybridity of SE, for example in the placement of SE between market and civil society, or in its approaches torn between the social and commercial, is building up a tension field, both creative and destructive. SE therefore invites researchers to look at the field from a multitude of disciplines and perspectives (Mair and Marti, 2006; Nicholls and Cho, 2006; Weerawardena and Mort, 2006, Lehner and Kansikas, 2011).In this research spring school we invite our participants to do exactly that:


Three days of intense discussion and knowledge exchange with PhD (or late- research master) students, post-docs, researchers, docents and lecturers coming from a variety of disciplines and countries wait for you in picturesque Vienna, Austria. We are delving into current streams and emergences of social entrepreneurship research by analyzing articles and discourse concerning their schools of thought and methodological advances. This discussion will always include second looks from for example critical and structuralist perspectives. There will be no frontal lectures, but moderated sessions on leading research papers from 2009 onwards, with a great focus on some of the participants own research. The aim is to further the understanding of the field of Social Entrepreneurship research, as well as being inspired to connect to these points in one's own research.


Topics for the selection of the articles, interdisciplinary approaches, multi-methods and critical discourse analysis

Day 1: Entrepreneurial Aspects in SE literature ( e.g. on opportunity recognition, innovation, value creation, financing, expansion, sustainability)
State of the art, differences and similarities, cases, research methodology

Day 2: Between market, civil and public sectors, between social and business - hybridity and double/triple bottom lines in SE literature within various states/regions
Discussion with Ashoka country directorate

Day 3: Participants presentation of their research, peer discussion
Critical approaches and discourse analysis - who drives SE forward, who benefits from it?

Moderation and Discussants ( discourse will be in English):
  • Pascal Dey, UNIVERSITY OF ST. GALLEN, Switzerland, Docent and author in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Othmar Lehner, ACRN research network Austria, Docent, UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland, Editor of the Journal of Entrepreneurial Perspectives

  • Alex Murdock, Professor, Honorary Research Fellow, Third Sector Research Centre, UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM, Head of Centre for Government and Charity Management, Course Director, Masters in Voluntary Administration/ Civil Society Management, LSBU LONDON SOUTH BANK UNIVERSITY, UK

  • Marie Ringler, ASHOKA, Country Directorate Austria

( Registration has now closed )

Location of the VENUE : Vienna University of Economics and Business, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien, Austria
HOTELS NEARBY : and here:
but you can book any hotel in downtown Vienna as the subway will bring you quick and efficient to the venue within no time

Academic Sponsors and advisory board from:
ACRN – academic collaboration and research network – Austria -
The ACRN is an extra-university research institution in the field of social and managerial sciences in Austria. We are a social enterprise furthering academic collaboration and research in various fields through partnering with leading universities from all over Europe, contributing to the European Union framework on cooperation in further education. All excess profit is used for grants and scholarships.
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland -
The University of Jyvaskyla is one of the leading Universities in the Nordic countries, constantly ranked among the world’s top 500. It is located in the capital of Central Finland, home to 35.000 students.
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland -
Among the leading Universities of the world, HSG has been part of St.Gallen for more than one hundred years, originally as a “business academy” and today as a university. We give our students the opportunity to profit from an ideal mix of research and practical experience.