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ACRN Oxford Ltd.
An Academic Research Center and Network

A social enterprise for higher education


We believe that scientific insights and education in finance, risk and accounting, with a critical viewpoint on social and managerial issues, provide a good basis for the further development and wellbeing of humanity.
Overcoming the narrow paradigmatic boundaries of the individual academic fields and broadening our horizons in academia on a global scale may help create a better world through education and research.


To provide inspiring courses, conferences, summer schools and open access publication outlets for academic faculty and doctoral students, with a focus on a globalised interdisciplinary research, and multi-perspective approaches in the social and managerial sciences.
To disperse and translate current academic research on social issues into practice through open access publication outlets and advisory services to policy makers.
In our activities and intra-organizational culture, we embrace and advocate heterogeneity and tolerance, and pay attention to context and environment! We are a social enterprise, excess profits are used to further our programs and outreach to the international academic community.


Prof. Othmar M Lehner
Director, ACRN Oxford Centre, Oxford, UK
Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland
Faculty of Management, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

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ACRN Oxford Ltd.
1 Kings Meadow, OX2 0DP Oxford
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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